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Bespoke kitchen designers Lanserring draw inspiration from John Tradescant, a 16th century botanist with the unveiling of the latest product range.

Tradescant is a move to furniture, kitchen and homeware layout that reflects identity.

In keeping with all the Lanserring ethos, the artwork is entirely bespoke using all the featured pieces intended to offer inspiration for an individual’s own journey and to show.

The kitchen is built around key elements which include, though each and each room is a commission:

Even the Lanserring Oilcloth Island is motivated by using patterned oil cloth for a surface in the kitchen, a technique employed in the middle Ages. The layout references this style in the mix of metal and veined rock that is natural.

Even the Lanserring Sink Block partners the viability of the traditional butlers sink using the durability of rock and metal to make a stunning centrepiece for your Tradescant kitchen.

Even the Lanserring Anthwart Cabinet, a diagonally opening corner cabinet, provides an extremely functional and inspirational storage option with the signature Lanserring shelf rail system. The cabinet is lined with walnut.

The Lanserring Scullery Table makes reference to the Victorian Era kitchen table, baking seat and pot stand. The groundwork island may be customised with characteristics such as built in electrical scales or lead crystal spice drawers.

Even the Lanserring Vitrine presents a contemporary interpretation of the mid-sixteenth century ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ as a functional storage solution which may be modified to any size and finish.

Even the Lanserring Signature Drawer, carved from one block of timber, can be generated to the form of every object a customer wishes to organise with accuracy cut apertures ensuring a comfortable fit.

Even the Lanserring Trug pays homage to the original British garden trug. This piece that stores neatly as a storage basket that is sterile, conceals a folding handle which requires is from kitchen.

Lanserring Secret Wall Hooks are integrated seamlessly into the kitchen splashbacks and may be finished to fit any surface. When not in use the pins may be folded flush making a appearance that is clean and refined.

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