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resin driveway coloursResin bound surfacing is becoming more and more popular as it makes driveways have a more natural look. It uses the strength of an existing concrete or tarmac driveway but it overlays it with a mixture of resin and natural aggregates that are washed and dried.

This creates a beautiful stony appearance that does not scatter underfoot. Resin bound surfacing is the perfect balance between style and strength and also very attractive. So, what are other benefits of resin driveway kits?

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Quick and easy application
A resin bound driveway can be completed only within 1 or 2 days and can withstand foot traffic after six hours of being laid. This means that you can enjoy your new driveway within the shortest time possible. And since there are no messy site evacuations, you will have a clean and hassle-free driveway.

Low maintenance
Resin driveway only requires quick pressure wash on a regular basis to keep it looking immaculate. It also does not support weed growth meaning that you can brush pesky plants easily.

Smooth finish
The resin mixture holds the stones tightly together. This usually creates a smooth finish that does not have loose stones. Therefore, with a resin driveway, you will be able to have a gravelly aesthetic without having to deal with the annoyances that come with it. Cracking and displacements are also very rare.

Durable and hard wearing
The fact that resin mixture is laid over an existing concrete or tarmac surface makes a resin driveway hard wearing. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of durability and strength while having a driveway that looks great.

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Highly porous
Resin driveway’s open matrix makes it highly porous hence discouraging ponding and promoting easy absorption and runoff. This can be beneficial to any plants as their roots will easily access water. This high porosity is also important as it will lessen the damaging action of freeze and thaw cycles.

Great decorative ability
Do you want to boost your curb appeal and have a beautiful driveway? If the answer is a big yes, then it may be a good idea to consider resin bound surface. This is mainly because of the fact that resin driveways used natural stones that are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Therefore, it will enable you to create a bespoke look for your driveway. Visit this website to know more advantage of resin driveways.

It is UV stable
Resin driveway does not easily damage in sunlight because the resin that holds the aggregates together is UV stable. This, therefore, means that a resin driveway will not be broken down or discolored by sunlight making it retain its quality for many years to come.