Amazon Is Selling A Bracelet That Shocks You If You Eat Too Much Junk Food

The demand of innovative products has been on the rise. Thousands of such products are available on the market. One such product, sold via the online shopping platform Amazon has proved to be a hit. This product has unassuming looks, similar to the hugely popular smartbands worn by many people.

On the other hand, this smart technology packs a punch within. It is designed to give electric shocks to the onset, if the former is caught eating fast food or spending too much money. Pretty useful gadget, right? This gadget has become very popular in the past few weeks. As the gadget aims to strike at the root of two major problems faced by most people, their demand has been huge.

This gadget is called the Pavlok bracelet. It is a perfect device, for those who wish to quit bad habits, but have a hard time doing so.

credit: Amazon

This bracelet, costs $200 on Amazon. If, someone is really determined to get over a bad habit, this bracelet is a really good option. The bracelet can be turned on whenever one experiences a craving. When the limit for the particular activity is exceeded, reminder arrives in the form of a painful shock.

Altering the old axiom a bit, it works in the principle of “Spare the shock, spoil the guy/girl”. The shock is not extremely painful, but it still is painful enough to give an adult a shock. For somebody, trying desperately to quit bad habits like unhealthy eating, overspending and oversleeping without much success, this bracelet will be of great help.

Once the person in question starts receiving shocks for various cravings, the person will learn to associate the pain with the particular craving and try to avoid it. The device subjects a shock of 350V on the person’s wrist. Thus serving as a gentle reminder against any craving. The user can also download an app for further advanced settings.

credit: Amazon

The description of the Pavlok bracelet states that, the user of the bracelet will learn in time to associate the unpleasant sensation on their wrist with bad behavior and help the user stay away from it. This shock treatment is also completely safe and harmless. It causes only a sudden jolt on the body and nothing else.

Various users of the Pavlok bracelet, state how they were able to quit a wide range of bad habits from nail biting to smoking, thanks to the bracelet.

The inventor of the bracelet is Maneesh Sethi. He, states that a little amount of pain can relieve one of their bad habits. He compares the shock delivered by the device to the shock one experiences on touching a doorknob after rubbing socks on a mat. For some people, the bracelet has helped in preventing cravings and other bad habits.

Other people, have used it as a warning device against overspending. This device, works on aversive conditioning, a behavior training which uses negative stimuli and training to perform a particular task or adopt a particular behavior.

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