Let’s talk about grain free dog food – tails.com

What grain provides

Grain can be a great source of carbohydrates, giving your dog plenty of energy for all the things they love to do. As part of a balanced diet, whole grains (like rice, oats and wheat) offer a range of important nutrients for dogs when combined with high-quality animal protein. Wheat is an excellent source of amino acids, fibre and carbohydrates that help to provide energy and support your dog’s intestinal health.

A diet without grain

If you’d like to choose a grain or wheat free dog food recipe just click the box in sign up – we’ll then create a nutritious and satisfying blend with sweet potato, potato and beet pulp to provide energy and fibre.

Food allergies & intolerances in dogs

Dietary intolerances & allergies can cause different reactions in dogs. Allergies may cause itchy skin and food intolerances are more commonly a cause of digestive upsets. The most common ingredients to cause negative food reactions are animal proteins such as beef, dairy or chicken. Plant-based proteins like barley or wheat are less commonly to blame. Certain grains like rice or oats are rarely the culprit in digestive upsets or skin allergies. One simple click during sign up and we can create a hypoallergenic blend if your dog needs one.

We work with our nutrition team to create ideal blends for all dogs and puppies from 6 weeks. Including those with multiple allergies, or for those who have been recommended exclusion diets by their vets. Try a tailor-made diet today. Simply tell us online about your dog to see their ideal food, and if you’d like to exclude grain or wheat, it’s easy; just tick the box when asked about ingredients to avoid.